Our story

Proud of a 30 years experience, Interhydro is a French company which, over the years, has mastered water thanks to its know-how.

Specialized in supplying water equipment, electrical equipment, electromechanical equipment meant for water conveyance / (water supply), sewage, dam, service connection, Interhydro has managed to elaborate and extend its range of products in order to response to a steady progressing demand.

Endowed with an attentive team, Interhydro will answer your needs as quicly as possible in order to complete your projects from preparing financial and technical offers to the installation of equipment on site. Thanks to its numerous high quality products that meets European standards (EN, ISO),
Interhydro is present in more than 40 African countries such as Benin, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Algeria etc.

Only recently, Interhydro develops in new parts of the world such as Tanzania, Sudan, Overseas Departments ans Territories etc.

Well-known merchant, Interhydro has created an important distribution network of water equipment for professionals on the African continent and in France.

Our distribution network enables us to offer a wide range a various products made of diverse materials (steel, PVC, cast iron, HDPE) from ø15 to ø3200mm and from PN 4 to
PN 100.